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The importance of lock security


A smart lock is an excellent way to protect your home and business. Not only does it give you the ability to control who has access to your property, but it also ensures that nobody can get in without permission. Smart locks can be installed on the front, back, garage, or even gates! These devices have become incredibly popular over recent years because they offer many benefits over traditional locks. Technology is constantly evolving, too, so new features are added continuously. However, before you start looking at smart locks, check out our guide below:


Locks are important for safety.

Locks are essential for safety. Locks can be broken or damaged, so it’s important to get help from a professional locksmith as soon as possible if your lock isn’t usually working. If you find yourself in this situation, an expert locksmith can get you back on track and provide your needed services at an affordable price.


Locks can be damaged or broken.

While locks are highly durable and can withstand much abuse, it’s essential to understand that they’re not impervious. Locks can be broken or damaged by various factors such as weather, fire, water, vandalism, and burglary. This is why it’s crucial to have a suitable lock in the first place.

If you have an older lock model, consider upgrading it with something more secure. The same goes if you’ve never upgraded your home security system before because there might be better options now than what was available back then—significantly, if technology has advanced as much as it has in recent years!


Old locks can be at risk of attack.

Old locks are more likely to be vulnerable to attack, and newer locks are designed to resist picking and bumping—both techniques that burglars can use. Older locks may also have cheaper construction, making them easier to break into and damage. If you’re using old locks, you need to consider upgrading them before they become a liability in your home security strategy.

When choosing new locks for your home, keep these tips in mind:

  • Make sure the lock has been tested with modern technology, such as smart keys and keyless entry systems (if you want these features).
  • Avoid buying a model with outdated design elements like exposed screws or weak hinges that could cause problems down the road.

Different locks offer different levels of security.

Every lock has a certain level of security. That is, how hard it is for someone to break into your home. A basic lock might keep out small children or pets, but it won’t be much use against burglars. However, if you add a layer of security—like a deadbolt—your door will provide greater protection.

For example:

  • How does a lock work?

When you turn the key and open the door, these are some things that happen inside the lock:

  • The gear rotates (or “screws”) to unlock it from its current position.
  • The lever moves up and down to release the tumblers from their pins as they pass through each one on their way up toward you (this is called “lifting” them). When all four tumblers are lifted at once and aligned correctly with their corresponding holes in your doorframe/jamb, they fall back down when they reach the bottom again – this prevents someone from opening your door by force so long as no one else has access codes or keys!

Keys can be lost or stolen.

Key-based locks have been around for centuries, but they have some disadvantages. For example, keys can be lost or stolen, and you need a locksmith to open the door if you lose your keys. If someone steals your keys, they can easily break into your home by simply using them!

Smart locks attempt to solve this problem by creating a better solution for locking and unlocking doors remotely. The good news is that smart lock technology is now mature enough that it’s accessible at reasonable prices through most major retailers like Amazon and Best Buy (to name just two). Smart locks provide several benefits over traditional keyed systems:

  • Remote access – with mobile apps like August Connect or Lockitron Bolt Pro Door Viewer Listening Device Motion Sensor LED lamp Wireless Keypad
  • Improved security – because all interaction happens through an encrypted connection between smartphone/tablet/computer (far more secure than any other communication channel), potentially unauthorized people cannot gain access unless they know how to decrypt messages sent between devices (which could take years!).

Locks can deteriorate.

On the other side of this coin is your lock. Even though most people don’t think about their locks as much as they should, they’re still a big part of your home’s security. Many things can happen to a lock that makes it less secure or even render it useless:

  • They can wear out or break down over time.
  • An attack from criminals can damage them (e.g., drilling into them).
  • They may be stolen or lost by you or someone else who has access to your property (for instance, if your key gets lost in the house and ends up on top of one of the kids’ toys).

Even natural disasters like floods and earthquakes can cause damage to locks so severely that they’re rendered useless for securing doors any longer!


If a lock is broken, you need to find a locksmith fast!

If you break your lock, it is essential to find a locksmith fast. Please don’t wait for the problem to worsen by trying to fix it yourself or until you are burglarized. Don’t just call any locksmith; some need to be trained in all types of locks and may do more harm than good.

Instead, call our 24-hour emergency locksmith services immediately after breaking your lock so that we can provide prompt service at a reasonable price—starting with helping calm your nerves by explaining how we will fix the problem quickly and efficiently! We won’t make promises we can’t keep because our loyal customers have come to expect honesty from us from day one (and beyond).


The key not turning in the lock or getting stuck are signs that something is wrong with your lock.

  • When a key doesn’t turn in your lock, it could be because of several different issues. First, make sure the key isn’t damaged. If you find any chips or cracks on it, replace it with a new one that’s unaltered. Once this has been checked, and there are no visible problems with your key, try turning it clockwise and counterclockwise to see if one direction works better. If you need help with these steps and the problem persists, call an expert for assistance!
  • Another sign that something may be wrong with your lock is if your keys get stuck inside—this can happen when a piece gets dislodged from its intended place (or even when someone inserts something into the hole), causing friction between moving parts inside, which prevents everything from functioning correctly anymore.”

Getting help from a professional as soon as possible is important if your lock is only sometimes working.

If you are still trying to figure out what to do, it’s always a good idea to get help from a professional. Ask a friend or neighbor for recommendations if you need to know who to call. If no one in your immediate vicinity can help, visit Locksmiths of Colorado Springs

If the lock can’t be repaired quickly and easily (if there are unusual circumstances), try to get the lock fixed as soon as possible.


Take time to check your locks and ensure they are still working well!

You should check your locks and ensure they are still working well. Locks can be damaged or broken, making them easy for criminals to pick or force open. It’s important to use strong locks that offer you high levels of security, and regular checks of the state of your locks will help keep them secure. If a lock is broken or damaged in any way, it may need replacing immediately by a professional. It’s also important to look at how old your existing locks are—if they are older than 10-15 years old, you should consider upgrading them with newer models as they may be more vulnerable to attack.

If keys go missing or get stolen, this could compromise the safety of your home and any possessions inside. It is, therefore, essential that all keys are kept in safe places away from prying eyes at all times – especially if these include spare sets!

Suppose you notice deterioration on your door, window frames, etc. In that case, this could mean some damage has been done over time, which needs addressing immediately before further issues occur later down the line!


A burglar can get into your home in under 20 seconds.

Burglars can break into your home in under 20 seconds. They can use a crowbar and pry open a door, a screwdriver, or a hammer to break a window. And if you’ve locked your car doors, they’ll often wait for you to leave it unlocked so they can steal whatever’s inside.

A burglar can also enter your home through the front door if he has access to one of the many tools lock pickers use. These include tools like tension wrenches and rakes, which help them open locks with less skill than traditional lockpicking techniques require.


Smart locks can keep burglars out.

Smart locks can be programmed with user codes that only allow access to certain people. For example, if you live in a neighborhood where it’s not uncommon for strangers to walk around and knock on doors, you may want only trusted friends and family members to have access to your home. Smart locks can only be programmed with this restriction to unlock when the correct code is entered.

Smart locks are also great for restricting entry based on the time of day, which can help prevent unwanted intruders from entering at night or when someone is sleeping. Many smart locks include timers that restrict entry after a specific time has passed (for example, 10 PM) or limit how long someone can stay inside before automatically locking them out again (for example, 15 minutes).

These features make smart locks an excellent way of keeping burglars out while giving yourself easy access 24/7!


When are you most vulnerable?

  • When are you most vulnerable?

While your home may be the most critical place in the world to you, it’s not the only location where you’ll want to be vigilant about security. The same goes for when you’re at work and when traveling. In all of these situations, it’s important to remember that your home is just one part of the bigger picture.

  • What should I look for in a lock?

When choosing a lock, look at its design first and foremost: check whether it has been tested by an independent organization such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL). This company thoroughly evaluates all sorts of products before they are safe for public use. You can also consider adding other features like fingerprint scanners or keyless entry systems—these add another layer of protection against unwanted intruders!


The time of day is the most significant factor.

  • Burglars typically strike at night to take advantage of your absence.
  • The longer you’re gone, the more likely you will be burglarized.
  • Leaving a key hidden outside of your home is an invitation to have it taken by someone who wants to enter and steal from you. A smart lock can prevent this by requiring an authorized code to open it when away from home or work premises.

Burglars usually strike at night.

Burglars are opportunistic. They know when it is the most likely time for you to be out and will take advantage of this knowledge by breaking into your home while you’re gone. If you leave your home unoccupied during the day, a burglar may not be able to tell if anyone is home or not because they can’t see through windows (if they are covered) or hear any movement inside the house (if there isn’t any). However, at night when everyone is sleeping in their beds? That’s when burglars strike!

They know that most people don’t leave their homes unoccupied at night—so they’ll wait until they hear someone moving around inside before breaking in. And even if someone is awake at night, they will likely assume those noises were caused by a neighbor entering or leaving their own home nearby, so it doesn’t occur to them that someone else could be trying to break into theirs!


The longer you’re gone, the more likely you will be burglarized.

The longer you’re gone, the more likely you will be burglarized. Burglars are opportunistic and strike when they think they can escape it. This is why many burglaries occur during the day—it’s easy for a burglar to tell that no one is home! If you’re going to be out of your house for an extended period, ensure all of your windows and doors are locked (including sliding glass doors). If possible, leave a light inside to look like someone is home.

If you have an alarm system in place already, leave it activated while you’re gone; if not, consider investing in one now!


Don’t leave a key hidden outside of your home.

It would be best if you did not leave a key outside your home. Never, ever, under any circumstances. There are many ways to secure the exterior of your house without the need for keys:

  • Don’t hide a key inside your mailbox.
  • Don’t leave a key under a plant pot.
  • Don’t leave it in the door lock (this is especially important if you have children or pets who use that entrance).

And most importantly.


You can protect your family and belongings by installing smart digital door locks.

Smart locks are a great way to protect your family, belongings, and home. You can use your phone to unlock the door, so no one needs to carry keys around, which is especially handy if you live in an apartment complex. If you choose to lock the door using the smartphone app, it will automatically lock if you walk away from it or leave it behind—so there’s no need for anyone in the family (or guests) to remember their key either!

If you want to grant access only at certain hours and days of the week, smart-lock systems make this easy, too: program them through your phone before adding new users into the system! Smart locks can also be locked with a key if needed (and vice versa).


Electronic door locks are essential to keeping your home and business secure.

Smart locks are essential to keeping your home and business secure. Smart locks can be opened using your phone or key fob and can also be opened with a pin code. NFC technology is another way people open the smart lock, which works by having the user hold their phone up to the lock and wait for it to open up automatically. Biometric technology is also used by some smart locks today; this method requires users who want access through their home door or business office door to scan their fingerprint on the metal plate next to where you would typically insert your current traditional key into it before opening it.

It’s essential for you not only as an individual homeowner but also if you’re trying to protect your family from intruders or trespassers (or worse), as well as if someone wants into one of your businesses during off hours when no one’s around—so don’t wait until something happens before making sure all of these possible entrances are protected!



We hope you’ve found this article interesting and encouraged you to consider the significance of lock security. If there’s one thing we can all learn from the above information, a good lock can keep your home or business safe from burglars. The best way to avoid burglary is by installing a smart lock that works with your phone or Bluetooth device, so if anyone tries to break in, they will not be able to get inside without permission from someone outside who has access via an app.


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    Colorado Springs Home Security Door Locks



    Door Locks, Home Security Door Locks, Home Security


    We realize that you might not think about door locks right away when you’re thinking about the security of your home.


    But, there is no doubt that a good quality door lock on the outside of your front and back doors makes an essential addition to your overall security system and can serve as additional protection against intruders entering your family home while you are sleeping at work or otherwise occupied.


    Locksmiths Of Colorado Springs is the premiere locksmith company in Colorado Springs. Our team of locksmith professionals finds that most people don’t often think about home security door locks installed in the doors of their homes, even though they use the door locks daily and depend on them as the first line of security devices for their family.

    When it comes to the door locks you install, you have various options, but that often results in several keys to carry around for each separate door lock. There’s no reason you shouldn’t make accessing your home as easy as possible in this day and age. There is no reason why one key shouldn’t be able to access every door in your home, inside and out as well as any outbuildings you may have.


    There are several benefits to rekeying every lock in your Colorado Springs home, so you only need one key to access all of your home security door locks.


    You can open all of them with one key by rekeying your home security door locks. All rekeyed locks will be the same, using the oldest lock as a guide for rekeying. If you enter or exit any room at any time, there is no need to worry about whether or not someone else has access to that room if they have copies of your keys.

    Security and peace of mind benefit from rekeying your home locks so they can all be opened with one key. If you have recently moved into a new residence replacing all your home security door locks should be a very high priority. There is no telling how many individuals have


    Many people who consider using a single key for all their home locks wonder if that means that every lock system has to look the same. This is not the case. We at Locksmiths Of Colorado Springs in Colorado Springs can install home security door locks that match the aesthetic you want to achieve for every door in the house.

    We can make the lock on your front door look like a front door lock, back and side doors can have their unique look, and the locks on your bedroom and bathroom doors can each be distinctive as well.


    The locksmiths of Colorado Springs offer high-quality door locks for home security, business security, and automotive security.


    However, not all locksmiths offer high-quality service or products – so to be sure you get what you want, make sure to only work with the best locksmiths possible. Make sure your home is protected by working with an outstanding team of locksmiths.

    Only use those locksmiths recommended by friends and family as trustworthy and offering top-quality artistry at affordable rates. You can learn more about these professional locksmiths by visiting their websites.




    High Security Key Systems Keep Your Business Safe

    Locksmith in Colorado Springs, CO
    Source: Flickr

    Locking your business’ doors at the end of the day allows you to go home and enjoy other elements of your living. When you turn that key in the lock, you anticipate your organization remains safe until you return. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for lots of company owners. There are specialists out there that know how to get a door opened, and they insinuate unnoticed.

    It is often needed to give secrets to the structure to some of your workers. Sometimes those secrets are lost or stolen from such people. There are likewise irritated workers who have abandoned the job or were fired with access to your service. It is expensive to have to re-key all of the locks to prevent any emerging issues due to these problems.

    You can have comfort, however, if you buy high-security crucial systems for your organization. They can’t be copied, and there are five different security levels that you can pick from. These changes can be carried out immediately, so you won’t need to breach your workers’ security or organization. You likewise won’t have the high expenditure of replacing numerous locks and making brand-new secrets due to multiple concerns that do routinely occur in the workplace.

    You can install high-security essential systems to fit one or two locks or for a structure with several entry sources. The secrets can also be designed based upon levels of protection. For example, you can have one employee with keys that provide access to particular business locations. That key will not operate in the locks for more safe and secure places of the business. Another staff member can have a key that will acquire them access to all of the structure’s different parts.

    They have such security levels in place, limiting individuals from being in areas where they shouldn’t be. It also gives you the very best tracking method, which might have compromised a particular region as you will have a list of who has secrets to the numerous locks on the building.

    Professionals install High-security crucial systems. Ensure you take the time to inspect their credentials. Please discover for how long they have stayed in business and what their track record is with customers. Ask what they learn about other companies in the location they have set up high-security essential systems. Do not hesitate to inquire for recommendations to be sure you are handling a business with your best interests in mind.

    While high-security key systems will cost you more than only spending for traditional locks, they are practically impossible to penetrate. This implies all of your company products inside are safe from the outside world. You have worked too difficult to make your company effective in enabling such security breaches to take it away from you. This is one investment that will be a benefit to any organization you might have.


    Locking Doors Still Best Bet Against Burglaries

    Home Security - Colorado Locksmith


    Not so long back, people did not feel the need to lock their doors or windows. However, times have altered, and so needs to utilize locks for protection.

    According to the National Crime Prevention Council, numerous people do not have the appropriate lock security. Just half of Americans have dead-bolt locks on all of the entry doors to their houses, and almost one in 5 have none at all.

    The National Crime Prevention Council suggests monitoring and upgrading old locks on all windows and doors and changing them with ones that protect secrets from duplicated without your knowledge, such as Medeco Security Locks. Likewise, it advises you to make sure your locks have a long enough bolt so that the door can not be pried open.

    Installing quality locks is the first security guard against home burglaries because they can protect you against physical attacks. Other steps can be required to increase your security, also. Here are some pointers from the National Crime Prevention Council.

    * Use your locks. Even the best locks can’t safeguard you if you don’t use them.

    * Do some backyard work. Cut hedges and bushes so thieves can’t hideout.

    * Know your neighbors. Next-door neighbors who look out for each other are among the very best and least pricey defenses versus neighborhood crime.

    * Secure your extra. Leave your extra secret with a trusted next-door neighbor. Never conceal it on the home. Burglars have more experience searching for Keys than you do ys hiding them.

    * Let there be light. Ensure all outdoor entrances – front, back, and side – have excellent lighting so intruders can’t quickly conceal.
    * Stop mail and paper shipments. A mass of newspapers in the driveway is a clear indication to a thief that you’re far from home.


    Securing UPVC Door locks with Multipoint Door Lock Cylinders

    residential locksmith Colorado

    The sight of a uPVC door on your home immediately acts as a potent visual deterrent.
    Burglars know that not only are these doors more secure than their wooden counterparts, they have also fitted with multipoint locks: a locking mechanism that secures from several points (from a basic 3 point to the ultimate 7 or 10 points).
    An experienced burglar can force a wooden door open in a matter of seconds. They only have one security point (the mortice lock) situated in the center of the door. The same potential burglar, faced with a multipoint locking mechanism, does not know where the door’s weak areas are – their job is 3 to 10 times more difficult. For this reason, homes fitted with security such as this are unlikely to be targeted as traditional methods cannot access them.

    The New Threat Lock Cylinders
    With increased car security, which makes modern cars virtually impossible to break into, homes have come under an increased burglary threat so that vehicles’ keys can be stolen. Because of the improvements in uPVC doors and multipoint locks, burglars have become increasingly sophisticated in their approach – with the potential rewards of a vehicle to drive away being a huge incentive.
    The ‘weak spot’ in modern doors has been isolated as the lock cylinder. Once this weakness has been exploited, it doesn’t matter if the lock has 3, 5, 7, or 10 locking points – the burglar can open the door by simply pulling down the handle.
    Mul-t-lock is one of the first companies to develop a cylinder that can withstand this new and devastating access method. By installing their locks, you keep your home and your family one step ahead of the criminals.

    Commercial (Business) Burglary

    Commercial Locksmith

    Ninety percent of break-in prevention is physical security. If your complex is secured and unauthorized entry is made difficult, lengthy, noisy, and visible, the possibilities of a successful robbery are minimal. The robber will want your business and look for a much easier target.

    PREVENTION LOCKS: All outside entryways and inside security doors must be double-cylinder deadbolts with moveable collars. The deadbolt should have at least a one-inch toss containing a solidified steel insert and be safeguarded by a lock guard.

    PADLOCKS must be of hardened steel, mounted on bolted hasps, and always locked to prevent exchange. Identification numbers need to be filed to prevent new secrets from being made.

    DOORS (all outside or security doors) must be of a concrete building, metal lined, and protected with heavy metal crossbars. Jams around doors need to be healthy. All exposed hinges ought to be pinned to prevent removal.

    WINDOWS ought to have secure locks. Burglar-resistant glass treatments are likewise recommended. An example would be the installation of a polyester security movie. Nevertheless, this should be utilized with the alarm’s glass break sensing unit. Heavy metal grates might be used on windows of high vulnerability (such as rear windows). Check with the Fire Marshall for safety specifications.

    LIGHTS must provide optimum exposure, inside and out, with those outdoors having vandal-proof covers over the lights and power source. The boundary must be well-lit, especially around doors and other possible entry points.

    A certified alarm company should supply the ALARM SYSTEM with a central tracking station. Inspect the alarm daily, and advertise its presence to discourage break-ins.

    CASH REGISTER needs to be kept in plain view from outside the building to be easily kept an eye on and exposed when empty and not in use.

    SAFE needs to be fire-resistant, burglar-resistant, anchored safely, and in plain view. Leave it revealed when it is empty, and use it to lock up prized possessions when closed. Modification is the combination whenever somebody with access to it leaves your employment.

    BUILDING EXTERIOR ought to be examined, consisting of the roof, cellar, and walls. Secure all openings.
    PRESERVE GOOD VISIBILITY by not enabling landscaping, boxes, trash bins, cars, or equipment near a structure where they may offer concealment or access to the roofing system.

    PERIMETER FENCES must be appropriate to keep trespassers out and, at the same time, enable excellent visibility of your organization by next-door neighbors and cops (i.e., vertical iron bar fence or 1/8 inch mesh vinyl layered chain link).

    KEY CONTROL must be done responsibly. A master key system where one key opens all locks may be comfortable, but it may not be the best for security. Code all secrets, keep them secured when not in use and do not allow staff members to leave them lying around or make duplicates. Change locks whenever you suspect essential security has been threatened.

    ID NUMBERS need to be marked on all equipment, and sticker labels (such as Operation ID) must be shown to make this apparent to potential thieves. The very best number to use is your individual Florida motorist’s license number. Also, keeping a record of identification numbers on all devices might assist recovery.

    Great Features Of Power Door Locks

    car locksmith colorado

    In the past, you needed to buy luxury cars and trucks to have one of those convenient power door locks on your cars and truck. Everybody else was stuck with the regular door locks– the kind needing you to have your essential handy each time you wish to open your lorry. Nowadays, nevertheless, everybody seems to own one. You see individuals worldwide pressing their keypad to open their particular parking area somewhere in a parking lot full of cars and trucks.


    Hardly anybody with a more recent automobile needs to suffer the additional effort of using their cars and truck keys to unlock their lorry or press the door locked when they leave their cars and truck anymore.


    Think it or not, power door locks have been around for almost a half-century. This feature was initially utilized on a specific sort of luxury Packard. It took many years until this convenient function was slowly presented and used as a necessary luxury car function. You needn’t purchase a high-end vehicle to have a power door lock as an option on your auto.


    While it’s simple to get out of the routine, you still can open and lock your door the traditional way. Regular door locks are fitted on every automobile, and your key still works in the lock offered on the outside of the car. You may never want them but, if the battery on the remote keypad goes horrible, a minimum of you should a backup strategy of entering your automobile.

    This optional function has some considerable advantages over the standard technique of opening your vehicle. For example, it’s effortless to utilize, and you can have your arms full while still having the capability to open your car without discovering your keys, trying to get into your vehicle without dropping something. With this helpful feature, all you need to do is press the remote keypad, get the deal with it, and open your vehicle door.


    Another valuable thing about remote power door locks is that the remote often opens all the doors to the car simultaneously. That way, if you have kids, they can get themselves into the lorry without you having to open another door to let them in. Besides, if you’re putting your groceries onto the traveler seat, the door is currently open for you to toss them in and hop into the driver’s side without messing with locks and keys.


    There are two kinds of systems readily available in remotely-operated power door locks. If you have a more complicated system, there will be a body controller in the car that preserves track of a particular radio frequency; when you send out the proper code to the controller, it opens the vehicle door. If you own the more straightforward system, you send out a signal to actuators in the car that lock or unlock the car and truck door. There are lots of these sorts of locks available, and several companies manufacture them. If you do not own one, however, request one set up after acquiring your car. It requires only a few hours and can be installed in nearly any vehicle. The costs concerning such a system depend upon the kind of strategy you get.


    Top Tips For Keeping Your Car Secure

    car locksmith Colorado

    Unfortunately, car theft and car break-ins are a part of life. And even the newest cars with state of the art security systems can not keep the thieves at bay.


    Auto security devices

    Luckily, you can take a few measures to ensure your car and its belongings do not become another crime statistic. First and foremost, your car should have an alarm. Car security will often come down to which has the best security equipment. If your car has an alarm and a steering lock in place, most thieves will move onto a car that is not so well secured. So, having these two car security devices in place is a good idea. There are also plenty of other auto security devices you can choose from, including wheel clamps, brake pedal locks, battery and fuel pump disconnects, cameras, and warning lights.



    Auto security devices can help keep your car secure, but if a thief really wants to break into it, the chances are that he will succeed. For this reason, you should take out a good insurance policy on your car and its contents in case the worst should happen. A good insurance policy will cover you against fire and theft, will ensure the contents of your car, and will ensure you for the cost of repairing any damage to the car caused by a break-in or an attempted break-in.


    Common sense

    When it comes down to it, a lot of keeping your beloved car safe and secure comes down to common sense. With just a few basic steps and good habits, you should be able to keep the thieves at bay.


    For a start, always try to park the car in busy areas where there are plenty of passers-by. This is especially true at night. Most car break-ins occur when cars are left on quiet, unlit streets.


    When you leave your car unattended, you should also ensure that all doors are locked and your windows are rolled up. Also, never leave valuables in your car when it is unattended. This goes for your driving license and car registration papers too. If your car gets stolen with these insides, it can be a major headache, and you run the risk of having your identity seriously compromised.


    If you really must leave belongings in your car, make sure they are out of sight. The vast majority of car crime involves the theft of items from cars left in view, such as mobile phones and laptops, that can be stolen quickly and resold quickly.


    The type of car you drive will have a bearing on how likely you are to become a car crime victim. A sporty coupé will be a much more attractive steal for criminals than a sensible station wagon. So, the nicer your car, the more careful you should be.


    Surprisingly, many car thefts result from car owners either losing their keys or having them stolen. So, if you are out and about, take extra care with your car keys. Also, keep car keys in a secure place, such as in a safe, in the home. If your house gets burgled, you do not want the criminals to make off with your car as well.


    Never hide spare keys in your car. Thieves know all the classic hiding spots and are likely to find them. And if you are leaving your car at an attended lot, do not give the attendant a full set of keys or a key with the key code on it.


    Finally, if you have a garage, use it. A high proportion of car crime occurs right outside people’s homes, so keep your car off the streets at night if you can.


    If you are a victim

    If your car is stolen or broken into, time is of the essence. The sooner you contact the police, the higher your car’s chance or your belongings being recovered. It would also be best to make it as easy as possible for police to identify your car. You could have your windows engaged, scratch your initials under the hood or leave a few business cards lying around inside the car.


    Most of us are victims of car crime at some point in our lives. However, following the tips in this article, you should reduce your chances.


    The Safest Luxury Cars to Insure

    car locksmith - Luxury Cars

    Considering most luxury cars’ exorbitant prices, it’s a veritable godsend for many cash-strapped consumers when genius car manufacturers have invented cars worth their sticker prices.

    Thus it strips off the word luxury, bearing the meaning that it holds up to its name because of its price and nothing else.


    Today, prominent car manufacturers like BMW and AUDI had been ravishing the limelight after receiving recognition from Consumer Reports on their latest models.


    The cars were among the safest cars on the road.

    BMW 330i’s general safety features placed on the top of the list are panic button alarm, side guard door beams, and child-safety door locks.


    It is also equipped with driver airbags, a passenger airbag cutoff switch or sensor, a passenger airbag, front side airbag, and side head curtain airbags. The second-row side airbag is optional.


    For added protection, the BMW 330i is equipped with anti-theft prevention features. These features are the selective locking or unlocking feature, the locking fuel filler door or cap, valet lockout, and the vehicle anti-lockout device.
    It is equipped with stability control that effectively protects the driver from any swerving or uncontrolled motion.


    Moreover, because of the many incidences wherein sudden inflation of airbags had caused accidents, mostly children, BMW 330i airbags are endowed with smart dual-thresholds, sensors, and dual-stage deployment curb any airbags inflation that was uncalled for.


    On the other hand, the Audi A4 luxury car also speaks of genuine craftsmanship.
    The safety break features enable the Audi A4 to safeguard its occupants if an accident happens or whenever the road becomes slippery.


    A dual-stage and dual-threshold airbag supplemental restraints with occupant sensors were also provided.
    It also has a new seat belt management system and usability that features a safer way of employing a seat belt while on the road.


    Plus, it has child-friendly safety features like LATCH or the lower anchorage and tethers for children system situated at the rear seats and child-safety rear door locks.


    With all these safety features, no wonder they were among the safest cars on the road. This is not just mere recognition for most buyers but also a way of saving more money when getting insurance.


    It is because most auto insurance companies charge lower premium rates to drivers who drive safe cars. There are also auto insurance companies that offer additional anti-theft or vehicle tracking discounts.


    Moreover, cars, like those mentioned, who performed well on car crash tests, will keep you safe in an accident and, as a side benefit, most likely get you to lower auto insurance premiums.


    Home Security

    Home Security - Colorado Locksmith

    Installing a home security system is becoming increasingly popular and easy for most to do yourself while saving money. Some home security companies require a three-year contract trapping homeowners in.
    More than half of Britons (58 percent) give away spare keys to their home, typically to friends and family, according to a survey by NOP for insurer NIG.
    But four per cent of movers do not bother to reclaim their spare keys when they move house.
    In properties that are rented out or have been rented out at some point, the problem is worse.
    Seven percent of tenants do not return their spare keys when moving out, increasing the possibility that a stranger can access your house.
    NIG director Adrian Harris said: “This is really quite a worrying result for both homeowners and insurers. The fact that so many unclaimed keys are in circulation raises major questions about home security. ”
    Nearly three-quarters of spare keys recipients are family members, while 14 percent are neighbors and eight percent are friends.
    Despite the security risk that it poses, 59 percent of those surveyed said they did not change the locks when they last moved into a new home.
    Mr Harris added: “These results show it makes sense for any new homeowners to consider changing their property’s locks to ensure that anyone still holding spare keys can’t get back into the property or can pass them onto someone who may want to break in. ”
    e.g., The EZWatch Burglar Alarm System is truly a breakthrough in security system simplicity and affordability. The alarm system comes completely programmed and ready to use. In minutes you can secure your home or office with a professional-grade security system which is monitored 24 hours a day by our state of the art National Alarm Monitoring Center. Your local police or fire department is dispatched within seconds of receiving an alarm signal.
    Hardly a day goes by without a new story about spam, viruses, spyware, and other hazards of using the Internet. Spammers and malicious hackers work relentlessly to defy computer defenses, expecting that some people haven’t applied the latest security fixes.
    With new technology, it is making it more affordable and easier for people to install their own home security system. In particular, one company started selling DIY home security systems after the owners were frustrated at the extremely high costs of the larger national home security companies. Code Tech security started offering systems where the do-it-yourselfer can have a system up and running for a few hundred dollars without signing a monitoring contract. Many people believe that if a burglar breaks into the house, a simple alarm sound will deter most people from sticking around.
    That is exactly what Code Tech security offers, a wireless system that the homeowner sets up and then allows the system to call up to nine different telephone numbers versus a monitoring system. The homeowner can allow the system to call a cell phone, neighbor, family member, friends, etc., with their own personal message.
    The best selling product for Code Tech security is the “Complete Wireless alarm system” that comes with a Control Panel, a dialer, motion detector, 2 door or window sensors, and a keychain transmitter. Then customers add on additional accessories as needed. For instance, most people add more window or door sensors.
    Three-quarters of British homeowners either do not have an alarm system or do not bother to turn it on, with six people in ten forgetting to ask tradespeople for proper identification, Privilege Home Insurance reveals.
    More basic errors are less widespread, but worryingly, more than one person in three is not changing their locks after losing their keys, 27 percent are leaving a spare key outside their house, and around one homeowner in five does not lock doors and windows when they leave home, a report for the insurer adds.
    And these lapses in security can prove costly at any time. Today,
    Churchill Home Insurance shows that burglars are most likely to strike on Wednesday, costing up to £127 million a week.
    “Our findings show that burglars will target homes on weeknights as well as weekends and that homes need to be secure at all times, whether people are at home or not,” said Martin Scott, head of home insurance at Churchill.
    Friday and Saturday nights are the next most likely time for thieves to strike, while Thursday tops the list for London and the south-east.
    “Burglaries can obviously occur at any time but a few simple precautions can make a real difference. Homeowners should always be mindful of the risk of burglary and secure windows and doors when going out, even if it is only to visit a neighbor for a few minutes,” Mr. Scott added.
    Three-quarters of people who own or rent a home say its safety is essential to them, with four in ten convinced their property is as safe as it can be, Privilege research finds.
    But with one person in six having no idea how many people have keys to their home, there is a gap between perception and reality.
    Ian Parker, managing director of Privilege Home Insurance, commented: “The gap between people’s perceptions about safety consciousness and the reality is considerable. It seems that many of us are convinced that our homes are safe, and yet we are not taking the necessary precautions to keep our homes secure. ”
    Privilege has created a simple checklist to aid this. The insurer urges homeowners to never leave home without:
    Checking all doors and windows are closed and locked
    Switching on the security alarm, if you have one
    Checking all gas and electrical appliances are switched off and not left on standby
    Placing valuables in a safe place
    Ensuring fires and candles are extinguished
    British homeowners’ top ten safety and security lapses are:
    1. Not having, or not using, a burglar alarm – 76 percent;
    2. Not asking merchants for identification – 59 percent;
    3. Not bothering to leave a light on when away from home – 48 per cent;
    4. Not checking appliances are switched off when they leave the house – 46 percent;
    5. Not bothering to have the locks changed after losing keys – 37 percent;
    6. Leaving spare keys outside the house – 27 percent;
    7. Not having a smoke alarm or not checking it regularly – 27 percent;
    8. Smoking in the home, or allowing others to- 23 percent;
    9. Not locking all doors and windows when leaving – 18 percent;
    10. Having no clue how many people have keys to their home – 14 percent.

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