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Behind Locked Doors: The Intricate Process of House Unlocking by a Locksmith

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It Can Be Incredibly Frustrating When You Are Unable To Gain Access To Your Property. This Event Can Happen When You’ve Accidentally Locked Yourself Out Of Your Front Door. Or The Keys No Longer Work. In Any Case, Prompt Assistance From A Locksmith Is Essential.

When we secure our doors, we rely on our locks to provide safety for us and our possessions. However, this trust can backfire when we face the unfortunate circumstance of being locked out of our own homes. Whether due to lost keys or a malfunctioning lock, this can be a highly frustrating predicament that demands a swift resolution. 

When faced with this dilemma, there are several methods to consider for re-entry. While some individuals may have a spare key hidden nearby, others might attempt to gain access through an unsecured entry point or window. Nevertheless, these alternatives are not always reliable. 

residential locksmith

 The most effective course of action when locked out is to promptly seek assistance from a residential locksmith. As skilled and experienced professionals in Colorado Springs, CO, we possess the ability to unlock virtually any door, regardless of the complexity of the situation. Our services are often available 24/7 to provide aid during unexpected emergencies.

How do locksmiths open doors?

Residential locksmiths are often called upon to open doors in various situations.  Residential doors have intricate mechanisms to handle and they cannot be handled by homeowners. Is there any worn-out key, a malfunctioning lock, or simply a case of locking oneself out? Our residential locksmiths have a range of non-destructive methods to help gain entry. Let’s explore some of these techniques.

Locksmiths employ various techniques to gain access to locked doors: 

Bump keys

Locksmiths often use bump keys as a method to gain entry into locks. These special keys are designed to allow experts to pick pin-tumbler locks. Bump keys resemble generic keys, lacking the usual variations between valleys. The locksmith will ‘bump’ the key into the lock, pushing it almost in before knocking it in when the pins are above the cylinder. While a bumped lock should not be damaged, there may be visible signs of impact from the key being knocked in. 

Lock picking

Lock picking is another common technique used by locksmiths to gain entry. Equipped with a lock-picking kit containing specialized tools, our residential locksmiths in Colorado Springs, CO can unlock most locks without a key. We typically attempt to pick or bump a lock before resorting. We avoid more destructive methods. However, picking may take time and is not always successful. We try our best to fix the thing without damaging the lock. Once the key is retrieved, it should work normally again. 

residential locksmith


In certain situations, the locksmith may find it impossible to unlock the door using the methods mentioned earlier. In such instances, drilling the lock may become necessary. However, drilling should only be considered as a last resort, as it is likely to damage the locking plug. In most cases, the lock mechanism will still be functional. Before drilling the lock, we consult with you about this decision. We outline the potential damage that may occur. Additionally, we should provide information on repair solutions and the associated costs as well. 

How you can prevent lockouts 

To minimize the need for locksmith assistance, there are effective measures you can take: 

  • Lock maintenance: Regularly servicing your lock by a locksmith can prevent its deterioration and remove any dirt buildup. If necessary, the locksmith can also apply grease to ensure smooth operation. 
  • New locks: If your lock is becoming difficult to open and the locksmith determines it is worn out, it is advisable to replace it. Rather than facing an unexpected lockout, it is better to proactively change the lock when it has only a few months of life left. 
  • Spare keys: It is always wise to have spare keys available. Consider sharing a copy with trusted neighbours or keeping one securely stored in a hidden lockbox within your home. This way, if you accidentally lock yourself out, you will have a backup key nearby. 

If you require assistance with home security or find yourself locked out, our team is ready to help. For further information contact us at +1(719)-344-9797 today.

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