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Secure Your Property With Spare Keys From Locksmiths Of Springs, Colorado

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House keys are one of the most commonly lost items for most homeowners in Springs Colorado. Homeowners admits that they lose their residential key set or at least one set of their house keys once in their lifetime. If you lose your main set of house keys, your first step should be checking for a spare set. If no spare set exists, you may need to call a locksmith to open your door lock, which can be inconvenient.

While the majority of homeowners across the country have spare house keys, a good chunk of the population still doesn’t deem it necessary. Having spare house keys provides several benefits! They are easy to obtain, convenient to store, inexpensive to copy, and can save you time and money in the event you are locked out of your home. Below are the primary explanations why you require them:

Backup key

Spare keys serve as a backup in case your original keys are lost or damaged. It’s easy to panic when you can’t locate your keys, particularly if you need them to enter your home. Misplacing keys happens frequently, as they can get jumbled among other items in a bag or pocket. Having a spare set provides reassurance, ensuring you can always access your home calmly.

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Prevent lockouts

After a long and exhausting day, you arrive home to the nightmare of being locked out without your keys. Fortunately, a spare set provides the relief of entry so you can search for the missing keys inside. If theft is suspected, promptly changing the locks enhances safety and security.

Save time and money

Having spare house keys is super convenient in case of a lockout, saving precious time and money. Spares allow you to leave quickly in an emergency if the main keys are lost, rather than wasting time searching or leaving your home insecure. They also avoid the expense of calling a locksmith when locked out.

Avoid key breaking

Keys break down over time from regular use and misuse. Rotating between your main set of keys and your spare set helps extend their lifespan and durability. Frequently inspecting your keys and replacing any that are damaged prevents lockouts caused by broken keys.

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Easy replacement

An extra set of house keys allows for easy and affordable replacement if the original keys are ever lost or damaged. Locksmiths can simply copy the spare keys rather than having to create new keys from scratch, which is expensive, difficult, and time-consuming. Without a spare set, the locksmith may even need to replace the entire lock in a worst-case scenario.

Give access to family members

Spare keys allow immediate family members to access your home when you are not around, eliminating the inconvenience of them arriving to find the door locked and having to contact you to let them in.


While there is no perfect number of house keys to own, some best practices can guide key ownership. Generally, having one key per responsible house occupant plus one spare is ideal. The right number depends on your personal needs and reasons for extra keys.

You can make multiple spare keys to give to trusted people. However, if you share your house, get permission from co-occupants before copying keys, as they may not be comfortable with it. If you live alone, you can give spares to responsible, trustworthy people as you see fit.

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If you have responsible, older children who come and go at different times, consider giving them their house keys once they get their driver’s licenses. However, use caution when making multiple copies, as each key must be accounted for. Having too many keys in circulation can compromise your home’s security if even one person loses theirs.

If you lose your keys or they are stolen, having to change all the locks and distribute new keys would be a major hassle. Only give your keys to trustworthy people who grasp the importance of responsibility. Keep in mind that neglect and carelessness often lead to break-ins.


Our certified locksmiths can quickly and affordably cut new keys for you using your original set. With our state-of-the-art digital key-cutting machines, we can precisely duplicate your keys in just minutes. Contact us to have spare keys made by our professional residential locksmiths! We guarantee accuracy so your new keys will work perfectly.

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