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The High Price of Security: Why Replacement Car Keys Cost So Much?

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The car keys were much less advanced years ago. However, today’s car keys have come a long way in terms of technology. Not every locksmith specializing in automobiles is capable of providing replacement car keys. Your mod ern automotive locksmith requires intricate knowledge of vehicle programming. We have the knowledge, skills, and tools to resolve the issues in no time. 

Most car owners know that replacing car keys is expensive. Still, many do not understand why modern keys cost so much money. Today, replacement car keys cost an average of $230-250 depending on the make & vehicle model. Still, car key replacement with Locksmiths Of Colorado Springs is invariably cheaper than the dealer for replacement keys. 

What are the reasons behind the high cost of car key replacement?

There are numerous factors contributing to the high cost associated with programming a car key. Here are a few reasons why modern car key replacements cost more.

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Complicated Car Key Technology 

Have you ever misplaced your car keys and needed to obtain a duplicate car key? Not knowing the cost of something can make you wonder if you know the expensive price than you expected! The expense of maintaining a standard of living has risen steadily throughout the years! The technology has advanced and become more complicated in recent years! The price of our car keys has also increased. It is therefore more expensive to replace the car keys. They are also more technical and therefore need skilled workers to fix the key or create a new car key.

The Different Types Of Car Keys

There is a wide variety of car keys available in the market today. Among the options are remote/key combos, laser-cut car keys, keyless entry remotes, and traditional car keys. However, the most commonly used car key nowadays is the transponder key. Another popular choice is the programmable remote car key. 

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It features buttons for locking and unlocking your vehicle. With the advancement of technology, new and innovative cars now come with unique keys. It requires programming to match a specific vehicle. This task is typically performed by a specialized auto locksmith or your car dealership.

Cost Of Car Key Parts

The car key replacement cost varies based on car make & model. For instance, the expense of replacing a BMW car key is significantly higher compared to the cost of replacing a Ford car key.

Car Key Type

Additionally, the type of car key you desire can also impact the price. Opting for a smart car key will require a greater number of internal car key components. It also has more intricate technology than a simple transponder key. This item comes with a higher price tag.

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Length of Time

Modern car keys take longer to create or fix. Therefore, you may be responsible for covering the cost of several hours of work. 

Location And Timing

The price may change depending on your location in Colorado Springs. The pricing for car key replacement is frequently competitive in the area. Additionally, if you require a car key replacement outside of regular business hours, such as in the evenings or overnight, an additional charge may apply.

Where to Get a New Car Key?

You can call Locksmiths Of Colorado Springs. This is typically the quickest and most cost-effective method to obtain a replacement car key. You can book us to come to the place that suits you and we can replace and program most car key types. If you need a car key replacement, give us a call at +1(719)-344-9797 where we can help!

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