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What Should You Do If You Have Malfunction Car Locks (Won’t Lock or Unlock)?

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It is a common occurrence for a number of individuals to dedicate more time to their vehicles than their residences. Undoubtedly, prioritizing road safety is crucial! But a substantial aspect must be their ensuring the effectiveness of the car locks. To feel secure, you must safely enter in and exit from your vehicle, lock it when you leave, and ensure your safety inside. A car that won’t lock can make you feel unsafe, as if living a nightmare! Before calling an expert, here are a few suggestions you can make independently.

Check the other doors

Before doing anything else, check all the doors and trunk on your car to see if the internal locking mechanism is blocked. Try pressing the lock buttons with your key fob first. If those don’t work, use the physical key in each door lock. Many modern keys have a classic key hidden inside that unlock the doors manually. Consult your owner’s manual to locate any hidden keys or components in your key before attempting to take it apart or modify it.

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Unfreeze the lock

If your car door is frozen in winter, try moving the handle up, down, in, and out while pressing the unlock button. This motion can break up any ice inside the lock. If you hear the lock trying to move, it’s just frozen. Melt the ice with a hairdryer, your breath, or de-icer spray! But never use boiling water! Boiling water can damage the lock and later refreeze. It might intensify the problem in the future.

Check the battery in the key

If your key fails to start the car, the battery may need replacing. Check when you last changed the battery or how long you’ve had the key, as modern key batteries do drain over time. Typically, car key batteries resemble watch batteries and are easy to swap out. Before attempting a battery change, consult the vehicle manual for battery location and proper removal instructions. Be sure to replace the dead battery with an identical match to avoid damaging the key.

Try lubricating the lock

If your key’s battery still has charge but the key won’t work in the lock, lubricate the lock. Spray lubricant directly into the lock and let it sit for 10 minutes so the lubricant can work. After 10 minutes, try the key again. If that doesn’t fix the issue, move on to the next step.

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Call an auto locksmith

When all other options have been exhausted, it is time to call a reliable car key replacement service in Colorado Springs. They can repair your vehicle’s damaged locking system. The delicate mechanisms allowing entry to your car are designed for longevity. But the improper use or tampering can render them nonfunctional and unsafe. A broken lock not only prevents access to your car but also compromises security, leaving your vehicle vulnerable. Therefore, contacting our professional car key replacement in Colorado Springs is the best solution. We can quickly diagnose the issue. We replace the damaged components efficiently. We allow you to resume driving securely as soon as possible.

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