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The Safest Luxury Cars to Insure

car locksmith - Luxury Cars

Considering most luxury cars’ exorbitant prices, it’s a veritable godsend for many cash-strapped consumers when genius car manufacturers have invented cars worth their sticker prices.

Thus it strips off the word luxury, bearing the meaning that it holds up to its name because of its price and nothing else.


Today, prominent car manufacturers like BMW and AUDI had been ravishing the limelight after receiving recognition from Consumer Reports on their latest models.


The cars were among the safest cars on the road.

BMW 330i’s general safety features placed on the top of the list are panic button alarm, side guard door beams, and child-safety door locks.


It is also equipped with driver airbags, a passenger airbag cutoff switch or sensor, a passenger airbag, front side airbag, and side head curtain airbags. The second-row side airbag is optional.


For added protection, the BMW 330i is equipped with anti-theft prevention features. These features are the selective locking or unlocking feature, the locking fuel filler door or cap, valet lockout, and the vehicle anti-lockout device.
It is equipped with stability control that effectively protects the driver from any swerving or uncontrolled motion.


Moreover, because of the many incidences wherein sudden inflation of airbags had caused accidents, mostly children, BMW 330i airbags are endowed with smart dual-thresholds, sensors, and dual-stage deployment curb any airbags inflation that was uncalled for.


On the other hand, the Audi A4 luxury car also speaks of genuine craftsmanship.
The safety break features enable the Audi A4 to safeguard its occupants if an accident happens or whenever the road becomes slippery.


A dual-stage and dual-threshold airbag supplemental restraints with occupant sensors were also provided.
It also has a new seat belt management system and usability that features a safer way of employing a seat belt while on the road.


Plus, it has child-friendly safety features like LATCH or the lower anchorage and tethers for children system situated at the rear seats and child-safety rear door locks.


With all these safety features, no wonder they were among the safest cars on the road. This is not just mere recognition for most buyers but also a way of saving more money when getting insurance.


It is because most auto insurance companies charge lower premium rates to drivers who drive safe cars. There are also auto insurance companies that offer additional anti-theft or vehicle tracking discounts.


Moreover, cars, like those mentioned, who performed well on car crash tests, will keep you safe in an accident and, as a side benefit, most likely get you to lower auto insurance premiums.


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    Home Security

    Home Security - Colorado Locksmith

    Installing a home security system is becoming increasingly popular and easy for most to do yourself while saving money. Some home security companies require a three-year contract trapping homeowners in.
    More than half of Britons (58 percent) give away spare keys to their home, typically to friends and family, according to a survey by NOP for insurer NIG.
    But four per cent of movers do not bother to reclaim their spare keys when they move house.
    In properties that are rented out or have been rented out at some point, the problem is worse.
    Seven percent of tenants do not return their spare keys when moving out, increasing the possibility that a stranger can access your house.
    NIG director Adrian Harris said: “This is really quite a worrying result for both homeowners and insurers. The fact that so many unclaimed keys are in circulation raises major questions about home security. ”
    Nearly three-quarters of spare keys recipients are family members, while 14 percent are neighbors and eight percent are friends.
    Despite the security risk that it poses, 59 percent of those surveyed said they did not change the locks when they last moved into a new home.
    Mr Harris added: “These results show it makes sense for any new homeowners to consider changing their property’s locks to ensure that anyone still holding spare keys can’t get back into the property or can pass them onto someone who may want to break in. ”
    e.g., The EZWatch Burglar Alarm System is truly a breakthrough in security system simplicity and affordability. The alarm system comes completely programmed and ready to use. In minutes you can secure your home or office with a professional-grade security system which is monitored 24 hours a day by our state of the art National Alarm Monitoring Center. Your local police or fire department is dispatched within seconds of receiving an alarm signal.
    Hardly a day goes by without a new story about spam, viruses, spyware, and other hazards of using the Internet. Spammers and malicious hackers work relentlessly to defy computer defenses, expecting that some people haven’t applied the latest security fixes.
    With new technology, it is making it more affordable and easier for people to install their own home security system. In particular, one company started selling DIY home security systems after the owners were frustrated at the extremely high costs of the larger national home security companies. Code Tech security started offering systems where the do-it-yourselfer can have a system up and running for a few hundred dollars without signing a monitoring contract. Many people believe that if a burglar breaks into the house, a simple alarm sound will deter most people from sticking around.
    That is exactly what Code Tech security offers, a wireless system that the homeowner sets up and then allows the system to call up to nine different telephone numbers versus a monitoring system. The homeowner can allow the system to call a cell phone, neighbor, family member, friends, etc., with their own personal message.
    The best selling product for Code Tech security is the “Complete Wireless alarm system” that comes with a Control Panel, a dialer, motion detector, 2 door or window sensors, and a keychain transmitter. Then customers add on additional accessories as needed. For instance, most people add more window or door sensors.
    Three-quarters of British homeowners either do not have an alarm system or do not bother to turn it on, with six people in ten forgetting to ask tradespeople for proper identification, Privilege Home Insurance reveals.
    More basic errors are less widespread, but worryingly, more than one person in three is not changing their locks after losing their keys, 27 percent are leaving a spare key outside their house, and around one homeowner in five does not lock doors and windows when they leave home, a report for the insurer adds.
    And these lapses in security can prove costly at any time. Today,
    Churchill Home Insurance shows that burglars are most likely to strike on Wednesday, costing up to £127 million a week.
    “Our findings show that burglars will target homes on weeknights as well as weekends and that homes need to be secure at all times, whether people are at home or not,” said Martin Scott, head of home insurance at Churchill.
    Friday and Saturday nights are the next most likely time for thieves to strike, while Thursday tops the list for London and the south-east.
    “Burglaries can obviously occur at any time but a few simple precautions can make a real difference. Homeowners should always be mindful of the risk of burglary and secure windows and doors when going out, even if it is only to visit a neighbor for a few minutes,” Mr. Scott added.
    Three-quarters of people who own or rent a home say its safety is essential to them, with four in ten convinced their property is as safe as it can be, Privilege research finds.
    But with one person in six having no idea how many people have keys to their home, there is a gap between perception and reality.
    Ian Parker, managing director of Privilege Home Insurance, commented: “The gap between people’s perceptions about safety consciousness and the reality is considerable. It seems that many of us are convinced that our homes are safe, and yet we are not taking the necessary precautions to keep our homes secure. ”
    Privilege has created a simple checklist to aid this. The insurer urges homeowners to never leave home without:
    Checking all doors and windows are closed and locked
    Switching on the security alarm, if you have one
    Checking all gas and electrical appliances are switched off and not left on standby
    Placing valuables in a safe place
    Ensuring fires and candles are extinguished
    British homeowners’ top ten safety and security lapses are:
    1. Not having, or not using, a burglar alarm – 76 percent;
    2. Not asking merchants for identification – 59 percent;
    3. Not bothering to leave a light on when away from home – 48 per cent;
    4. Not checking appliances are switched off when they leave the house – 46 percent;
    5. Not bothering to have the locks changed after losing keys – 37 percent;
    6. Leaving spare keys outside the house – 27 percent;
    7. Not having a smoke alarm or not checking it regularly – 27 percent;
    8. Smoking in the home, or allowing others to- 23 percent;
    9. Not locking all doors and windows when leaving – 18 percent;
    10. Having no clue how many people have keys to their home – 14 percent.

    Who Has The Keys To Your Home?

    home keys colorado

    What can you do to safeguard your home if your house keys accidentally end up in the wrong hands? That’s a question nearly two out of every three American homeowners should consider closely, according to a new study.


    The study, Danger at America’s Doorstep: Who Has Keys to Your Home? I looked at how homeowners protect–or fail to protect–their house keys and safeguard their home.


    The survey found that a majority (64 percent) of American homeowners have knowingly circulated their house keys outside of their immediate family, and nearly one-third (27 percent) of American homeowners have given out a key three or more times.


    Every 15 seconds, a burglar breaks into a house, apartment, or condo in the U.S. Burglars are often quick to attack a home’s easiest point of entry, and nothing’s easier than unlocking a front door with a set of keys. According to John Heppner, President and CEO of Fortune Brands Storage and Security, including Master Lock Company L.L.C., “Too many Americans underestimate the potential risks they invite to their homes when they let their house keys wander.”


    Fortunately, there are ways to prevent strangers from entering your home–even if they have your key. For example, the Master Lock NightWatch™ Deadbolt looks and works just like a standard deadbolt lock, but it offers a powerful new security feature-a patent-pending blocking function that locks out all keys.


    To activate, owners lock the deadbolt as they would a standard deadbolt and then pull the lever towards them. This simple motion locks the deadbolt into an “engaged” position that blocks out any key. The lock can only be engaged or disengaged from indoors and easily installed in any standard entry door, replacing any other standard deadbolt.


    To safeguard their homes, homeowners should:

    1. Keep keys secured where they won’t be forgotten or left behind.

    2. Don’t hide keys in “secret” places outside your home-experienced burglars can usually find them.

    3. Never attach your keys to anything that lists your name, address, or phone number, and never leave them behind in a locked (or unlocked) car.

    4. Always separate your house keys from your car keys each time you valet your car or drop it off for maintenance.

    5. Only give your keys to someone who will watch over them as if they were their own.

    How To Prevent Burglary

    Burglary - Locksmith colorado

    To help you prevent your home from becoming a burglary target, you need to understand how a burglar thinks. If you know what “makes them tick,” you have a much better chance of avoiding a problem.
    Police and other security experts agree that burglars prefer two particular conditions:
    (1) An Invitation and
    (2) A fast, easy, undetected entry, and exit.
    You would never put up a sign in your yard that says, “Burglars Welcome.” That would be ridiculous! But, that is exactly what you are doing if you make ANY of the following 14 mistakes:
    1. Your yard is messy. Do you leave toys, tools, or other items lying around the yard? If so, this is an open invitation for thieves. Could you not do it?
    2. One of the major causes of car theft is a key being left in the car. Even if your car is parked in your own driveway, always remove the keys. Here is an actual example I saw in the newspaper recently. A man drove his car from his garage onto the driveway to wash it. He forgot to take the keys out. When he finished washing the car, he went inside for lunch. About an hour later, when he came out to his car—–you guessed it—-it was GONE! Some neighborhood kids took it for a “joy ride” just for some fun. However, the point is clear. No matter where your car is parked, always make sure that you take the key out!
    3. You can easily protect your home by ensuring no dark or concealed areas.
    4. Believe it or not, some people actually will leave a window open when leaving their home. Especially in today’s world, even if you only plan to go to the corner store, make sure that all entries to your home are closed and locked.
    5. You never want to leave a note on an exterior door for a deliveryman telling him where you have gone. Have you ever made this mistake?
    6. Do you really think that a burglar doesn’t know that your house keys are on top of the door jam, under the mat, or somewhere close to the door of your home? If you need to give your home access while you are away, either give the key to a neighbor or buy a “lockbox” from Home Depot or Walmart. But never leave your keys just sitting around to be found!
    7. Don’t use your answering machine as an invitation to be robbed. Messages on answering machines saying that you are away are like saying, “OK, you can come to take what you want from my house now.” Never change your message. Just be aware that most answering machines let you listen to your messages from a remote phone by entering a personal security code.
    8. This is a true story! A family in California went on a weekend trip and left their garage door open by mistake. When they returned Sunday night, many of their valuables were nowhere to be found! The Police and their insurance company had little sympathy for them. Don’t let this happen to you!
    9. Sliding glass doors without any additional locks, such as a wooden pole placed in the track or a key lock at the top of the frame, are a favorite entry point of choice for burglars. Make sure you have an additional lock of some kind.
    10. Burglars love to see homes that have no lights on—night after night! That’s an indication to them that your home could be an easy target for theft. The solution can be as simple and inexpensive as getting a “timer” to turn your lights on and off.
    11. Having a privacy fence can be a double-edged sword. Not only does it keep neighbors from seeing what’s happening in your yard, but it also prevents neighbors and Police from seeing if there is a problem—like burglars! Ensure that your yard is well lighted or has lights with motion sensors if you have a privacy fence.
    12. Flimsy door locks or latches can be a big problem. If your locks need repair or replacement, do it immediately. You will save yourself a lot of hassle in the long run.
    13. If your home has a basement, be sure that all windows are properly locked. Homeowners sometimes overlook these basement window locks.
    14. if you will be away for more than a few days, it’s a good idea to cancel your newspaper and mail deliveries. Ask a neighbor to pick them up for you if you don’t want to have both the mail and newspaper deliveries interrupted. The best sign to a burglar that a house is unoccupied is a stack of newspapers thrown on the driveway.
    Once a burglar sees an “invitation” for your home, the next thing they look for is a quick, easy, and undetected way out. Human nature being what it is, they will always take the path of least resistance.
    Here is a shortlist of favorites for burglars that you should avoid:
    1. Large shrubs in front of a window.
    2. A dark area somewhere around your home.
    3. Exterior doors leading to a pool. Many times people forget to lock these doors.
    4. Exterior doors without a deadbolt lock can also be easy targets.
    From our family to your family—may your home always be safe.

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